Friday, July 31, 2009

Lies from the Left

There is always room for legitimate differences with regard to a politician and their policies. What I can't stomach are the blogs out there that spread absolute lies about someone they don't like. I don't care for Jim Doyle and I feel he is completely wrong for Wisconsin, but I will not knowingly spread lies about him or his administration. What's even worse is that when confronted with the truth, these blogs continue to lie.

The Hispanic Conservative blog does a great job of dispelling lies about Scott Walker's objections to some of the "stimulus" money.

A Useful Fiction about Milwaukee Executive Scott Walker

Have you ever become proficient on an issue only to see some partisan hack deliberately skew the facts hoping that others won’t see the deception? We see revisionist history all the time. But let’s be honest, even reasonable people can have different interpretations of an event. However, it’s something entirely different when someone skews the facts even though he was corrected on it in the past. This article is about correcting those who feel the need to tell the same fiction over and over again.

Back in January, there was a big ruckus over a story published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about Scott Walker refusing federal stimulus funds. Columnist Steve Schultz entitled his piece, “Walker Says No Thanks to Federal Stimulus Dollars”, implying that Walker would reject any available stimulus funding for Milwaukee County. After local leaders and politicians had responded harshly to Walker’s position, Walker published an editorial a week later in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel trying to clarify his position.

Local liberal bloggers went wild with the story and recycled the same old content ad nauseam in their posts for months – yes, I said for months. After awhile, it got nauseating. So I decided to do some research to see if Walker was getting a fair shake. I rummaged the internet reading article after article. I read every relevant piece on the topic in the local media. I also read both of Walker’s editorials, one in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the other in the Wall Street Journal. After reading many opposing points of view, I called the Walker Office to verify if Schultze had in deed misrepresented Walker's position. The answer was a resounding “yes.”

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