Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why doesn't Jim Doyle like Wisconsin Companies?

Milwaukee leaders want Talgo production at Super Steel

Huh...what if Jim Doyle would have just asked Super Steel if they wanted a shot at the $47 Million dollar job? Instead, Doyle gives a $47 Million dollar NO-BID contract to a company that isn't even in our country!
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, state Rep. Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee) and other members of the state Legislature this week are requesting that assembly of the trains Wisconsin agreed to purchase earlier this month be done at the Super Steel plant in Milwaukee.

Richards sent a letter co-signed by other members of the Assembly and Senate who represent Milwaukee to Antonio Perez, the president and CEO of Spanish rail care (sic) manufacturer Talgo Inc. The letter encouraged Perez to choose the Super Steel plant in Milwaukee because of the unique benefits this location holds over others in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle announced July 17 that the state will buy two, 14-car trains from Talgo for $47 million under an agreement that includes establishment of new assembly and maintenance facilities in the state. The train sets will be put into service on the Amtrak Hiawatha Service between Chicago and Milwaukee with the cars pulled by existing locomotives.

Super Steel manufactures rail cars as well as metal products and equipment for the railroad, construction, agricultural and industrial markets.

You would think that our Governor would prefer to give the business to a company that already has the capabilities and is located in Wisconsin - Milwaukee County. Wouldn't it have been easier than having to jump through Doyle's hoops now to beg for the business? Could it be Jim Doyle was just playing politics because Fred Luber, known Republican and Walker Supporter is an owner of Super Steel??? Now Super Steel is threatening to move their business elsewhere.

Nice job Doyle, way to save jobs! Maybe next time you could just ASK the Wisconsin company if they would like to compete for the business.

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