Thursday, July 30, 2009

Now, let's get to work electing Scott Walker

While I applaud the massive effort that went into the campaign to recall Doyle (and the reason for the recall) I believe this is the right decision.

W.I.N. Decides to Halt Governor Doyle Recall
The Liberty Tree Lantern was informed yesterday afternoon by Vince Schmuki, a leader of Wisconsin Interests Now (W.I.N.), that the groups efforts to recall Governor Doyle have been halted.


Further, we all know getting a good guy in as Gov. is not enough because we would then have a Walker/Milwaukee County Board gridlock situation repeated all over again. We must remove bad small-time players and get nomination papers circulated for good conservative candidates who can replace them and help out a conservative Governor. We have been in the past and can still be a force for change in our state in 2010.

We can still have a long lasting positive impact for the betterment of our state if we learn from our mistakes, refocus and move on to the next citizen effort. I hope that you will join in the vision and understand.

- - Vince Schmuki/ Representing WIN-Wisconsinites Interest Now

We're too close to the 2010 election and ALL efforts should be put into electing Scott Walker as our next Governor and getting him the help he needs in the legislature.

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