Friday, August 7, 2009

BREAKING NEWS - Chandra Miller Fienen Resigns.

From WisPolitics

Chandra Miller Fienan has resigned from her position as Gov. Jim Doyle's legal counsel following reports that she is not licensed to practice law in Wisconsin. (see our post on the topic here)

Her resignation came shortly after the Republican Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint with the Office of Lawyer Regulation, charging she vilolated the state's Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys by representing herself as Doyle's cheif legal counsel on official legal documents and govermental boards.

Doyle spokesman said in a statement today that the resignation was voluntarily and effective today. "she realizes that she has placed this office in a difficult position," Sensenbrenner said. think?

She still needs to be prosecuted.

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  1. Not only her. Had he knowledge of this, (given his comments Thursday night, this seems likely) I believe there needs to be consequences for him as well. (Disbarment would seem appropriate)