Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How many business have to leave before Wisconsin's "leaders" act?

Here's an excellent post on Doyle's (and the legislature's) mismanagement by Mike H. at "Letters in Bottles":

Our political leaders have brought this problem on themselves. During the last few budgets and budget repair bills they have not cut spending or made government more efficient. Instead they have raised almost every conceivable tax on businesses. Such irresponsible policies have very serious consequences and we are beginning to see the end results of those bad policies.

We must change our tax code in Wisconsin to welcome and encourage business and job growth. Passing idiotic measures such as combined reporting only make the cost to businesses that much higher. In a recession as deep as this one, we cannot afford to shoot ourselves in the foot, yet in the last budget the Democrats in the legislature and Governor Doyle aimed a howitzer at our big toe.
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  1. Will the last business who leaves the state please turn out the lights.