Friday, August 14, 2009

Doyle Administration Conspires With Reporter to Blindside Political Foe

Take a look at this story. If it wasn't so scary, it would be laughable. The lengths that Governor Doyle, his administration and the media will conspire to make Scott Walker look bad is astounding.

Steve Schultz should be fired. Absent that, he should be removed from ANY reporting that has to do with County or State Government!!!

  • A January 23rd email from DHS Communications Director Seth Boeffli telling Department of Administration spokesperson Linda Barth: “We also have a sympathetic reporter at the MJS (Steve Schultze) and we were thinking about bringing him in early so he can get everything from us early on an embargoed basis.”
  • A string of emails from February 6th discusses Walker’s criticism of DHS for failing to give him notice of their plans and references a request Schulze made for the “paper trail” to prove Walker wrong.
  • An email exchange between top DHS officials on February 5th and 6th characterize conservative columnist Patrick McIlheran’s piece on the issue as, “straight up lies,” and “ridiculously one-sided,” while Doyle’s DHS Secretary Karen Timberlake asks if there is “anything to be done about McIlheran.”

It's only going to get worse folks. They are afraid of Scott Walker and will pull out all the stops.

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