Monday, August 17, 2009

We're half way there...

Ok…so as I mentioned in my previous post, we never imagined that we would be successful in getting Doyle to “retire” so quickly. I’ll have to admit I obviously didn’t think it through far enough and now the blog “RetireDoyle” is just not going to cut it anymore. (and I had some great post ideas in the hopper!)

I am amazed at how many people are following this blog already. (Albeit quietly) We obviously struck a tone and provided something that people were seeking.

So, with that said, we’ve created a new blog so that we can continue with our 2nd goal of electing Scott Walker as our next Governor.

We hope you will visit us as we get up and running. Join us as we expose the lies and distortions spread about him, show the true colors of Scott’s opponents and tell you why Scott Walker should be our next Governor.

We’re 50% done with our goal. Help us achieve the rest!

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