Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doyle lets his departments run rampant

Eh, what's $850k?

Here's another example of how poorly Jim Doyle runs his administration. They are supposed to be looking at cuts and savings, and here is this department spending $850,000 without authorization. (a firetruck? really? for the State Veterans administration?)


Officials at the state Department of Veterans Affairs are asking state lawmakers to cover the cost of about $700,000 in unauthorized expenses, including a firetruck, that exceeded the department's budget.

An analysis by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau identified another $150,000 in unauthorized spending, bringing the total to about $850,000.

The purchases may have violated state laws regarding spending of state funds without specific prior authorization and spending in excess of budgets, the department said. It has asked the state Department of Justice to investigate the potential violations.

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