Friday, August 7, 2009

Doyle's DA Dilemma

Although you could probably go a day or two without hearing about anything dynamic that happened in Wood County, it is just as much a part of Wisconsin as Milwaukee County or Dane County. However, it seems as though in his haste to save Wisconsinites from climate change and a train-less commute, Governor Doyle has overlooked one of his responsibilities to the people of Wood County. He has left the Wood County District Attorney position, to which he is required to make an appointment, vacant for over four months following the departure of former DA, Todd Wolf to a circuit court judgeship.

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Given Governor Doyle’s alleged hardnosed stance on crime and punishment, I find it strange that he hasn’t found the time to finalize his selection for the position. To put the best possible construction on it, let's assume Governor Doyle is trying to save money and limit his carbon emissions by not traveling all the way to Wood County to appoint something as insignificant as a District Attorney. He's always thinking about all of his constituents. Thanks, Governor Doyle!

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  1. Maybe he's running out of cronies to reward?