Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jim Doyle hiring illegals?

Mark Belling broke a story today that is simply astounding. Governor Doyle's Chief General Counsel is NOT LICENSED to practice in the State of Wisconsin!!!

You have GOT to be kidding me. (No, of course not.)

Chandra Miller Fienen, daughter of State Senator Mike Miller, has been employed by Jim Doyle for about a year. You would think this would have been discovered in the vetting process. Or maybe, just maybe, she would have told him that she isn't licensed to practice law in Wisconsin. You know, her main function.

She came to Wisconsin from California (where she is licensed) and obtained a job with the Department of Commerce as an Executive Assistant in 2007. That's quite a promotion to Chief General Counsel for the Governor of the State of Wisconsin!

Problem is, she's breaking the law by practicing without a license. Shameful. Governor Doyle needs to fire her and she needs to be investigated by the appropriate authorities for prosecution.

Listen to Belling's podcast (1st hour - part one and part two)

UPDATE...suprisingly, the Journal Sentinel reports on the story

Reporters and other state officials refer to Miller Fienen as the governor's chief legal counsel. Maistelman said that was his belief as well. But her official title is "senior adviser." In correspondence, she lists her workplace as office of legal counsel in Doyle's office.
Sorry...that still stinks to high heaven. She can't sign correspondence as "Chief Legal Counsel" and say she is just a "senior adviser". Oh, and her license in California is listed as "suspended".


  1. What an amazing coincidence that she is related to a Democrat elected official ...

  2. I'm not defending this, but it's suspended in California because she left the state, no other reason.